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Electric pallet stacker

Electric pallet stacker


Electric pallet stacker
1. Capacity 1.0t/1.2t/1.5t, lift height 1.6-4.0m, free lifting can be chosen.
2. Double lift cylinders make lifting more stable, good view for operator.
3. Stepless speed control, slow travel switch optional.
4. Both walkie and platform can chosen, strong chassis bearing heavy duty.
5. CURTIS controller, German MAHLE hydraulic motor and German Lenze brake.
6. Battery volume can be chosen 165Ah/210Ah/240Ah with stable quality.
7. Strong mast with H type steel, not C type steel, as same as forklift mast.
8. Driving motor AC and DC optional, side shift is optional.
Model ES-15B
Driving style Walkie/Rider
Load capacity                  Q kg 1000/1200/1500
Load center                      C mm 600
Overall length                  L1 mm 1960
Overall width                   W mm 875
Min. overall height          H1 mm 2050 1750 2050 2200 2350
Fork dimension            L×b×m mm 1150/1200×160×56
Outside width of forks      D mm 560/680
Ground clearance              x mm ≥30
Base distance                   L0 mm 1283
Wheel material PU
Driving wheel size mm φ250×80
Front wheel size mm φ78×70
Balance wheel size mm φ125×75
Min. steering radius         Wa mm 1540
Min. width of aisle mm ≥2400
Max. height of forks        H mm 1600 2500 3000 3300 3500
Max. overall height         H2 mm 2070 2970 3470 3770 3970
Min. height of forks        H3 mm 90
Travel speed (laden/unladen) km/h 4.5/5.5
Lift speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 90/160
Lower speed (laden/unladen) mm/s 95/120
Brake type Electromagnetic
Power of driving motor kw 1.2
Power of lift motor kw 2.2
Battery capacity/voltage Ah/V 165/24, 210/24, 240/24
Weight of battery kg 160/190/210
Net weight (without battery) kg 610 690 705 720 735