Comprehensive Mineral Expertise

Engaged in the exploration and extraction of minerals, including Gold, Iron Ore, Diamond, Lithium, Silver, Manganese, and Copper.

Commitment to African Mining

Specializing in mining operations across African countries with abundant rocky and free soil deposits of valuable minerals.

Empowering Local Miners

Sponsoring over 400 local miners in Africa, providing them with support, equipment, and necessary supplies for successful mining.

Holistic Mining Support

Ensuring miners have working terms, supplying essential equipment, sponsoring licenses, and offering priority buyer status for their produce.

LUHIX Mining Solution

LUHIX operates in various African countries blessed with substantial deposits of minerals.

Our Capability

We put our The focus on regions with challenging rocky terrains that make mining a formidable task.



LUHIX Mining SolutionβΈ»


LUHIX proudly sponsors and supports more than 400 local miners in Africa, fostering a community-driven approach to mining operations. As a first-priority buyer, we secure advantageous discounts for all the produce from our sponsored miners, ensuring a sustainable and fruitful partnership.


LUHIX is deeply involved in every facet of mining, from sponsoring licenses to supplying vital resources. Our process involves reaching mutually beneficial working terms with miners, providing essential equipment, machinery, and food supplies.


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